Alexa voice control not supported


I have set up Alexa to control my openhab items. All but 1 work fine, but the 1 dimmer is not supported by voice (at least that is what Alexa tells me). I have other dimmers and they work fine. The dimmer in question is able to be manually controlled by Alexa (via the app). So I am not sure what exactly the issue is, has anyone else experienced this or managed to troubleshoot it.

Thanks in advance.

Using code fences, share the Item, binding use, Thing configuration, and any applicable automation to give us something to advise you about.

This is the Item:

Dimmer LivingRoom_Dimmer “Lounge” (GInside, gBlind) [“Lighting”] {channel=""}

I am using the Amazon Echo Control Binding ,the Thing is a z-wave Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FDG212).

Assuming you mean FGD212 there are 2 different entries, depending on firmware level of the dimmer. Perhaps there are differences in the binding configuration.= if you have one of each.

Up to 3.4

3.5 and higher

Sorry, yeah, FGD212 is the one that does NOT work, the dimmer that I have that does work is the FGD211.

The version of the FGD212 is 3.4

Sorry. Firmware version? We have 3 versions of that one.
I thought I could compare the entries to see if anything obvious turns up.

The version of the FGD211 is 2.2

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@chris The second device below looks quite different than the first. Group 1 is not controller in the first. The second one has Endpoint 0 switch multilevel set as basic but has no dimmer entry. Suggestions?

211 (works)

212 (broken)

Hi, thanks for your help on this, I renamed the item from Lounge to Pantry and rediscovered it with Alexa and amazingly that worked. So I suspect Alexa thinks that Lounge is something else. Not sure what since there are no other devices around with that name.

Thanks again!

That is quite normal for the older Fibaro devices. Group 1 being set to the controller was only made standard with the introduction of ZWave+. Before that Fibaro tended to use group 3.