Alexa vs GHome

I’m approaching the connection between my domotic system, (Loxone), with Alexa or GHome. In the OpenHAB manual I can see a big difference in the effort between the two approaches: with GHome it’s enough to use the tags, in Alexa I’ve to define item configuration in a specific way. Is my understanding correct? Implementing Alexa is much more complex …

Yes but more powerful (Depending on where you are on the planet)
G Home has only a few tags available whereas Alexa can implement almost any sort of device

Currently Alex is much more powerful both from OH implementation, and features that Alexa actually offers. It should also support tags as GA, see the announcement section, though not sure for how long

GHome is also moving into tag approach, just like alexa, there is currently development effort on the way. So eventually it will be the same.