Alexa with Echo Plus - Hue emulation - cannot switch devices in OH2

In the past I had installed an and with this I controlled without problems my Homematic devices with OH2 and the Hue emulation (no special skills installed within Alexa).
Now I bought an echo plus.
The devices where shown in the Alexa-App.
When the old is on, I can control the devices with the new echo plus.
Is them old is off, the devices can’t control with the echo plus.
In this case Alexa tells “The device don’t answer”.
If I start a new search for devices with the echo plus (with “pairing enabled” in the Hue emulation) no device is found.

Does anybody has a working OH2-System which worked together with the new echo plus?
Please let me know your configuration and the steps you’ve done.

Many thanks and greetings


Hello, on my side everything is working fine with Amazon Echo Plus! I have no issues like you, further there was no change in my OH2 needed. Pluged in and everything was working like before.

But i don’t use the Hue Emulation - on my side I installed Homekit.

Please tell me your configuration.
How can you manage the homematic devices with alexa and homekit-binding ?
I want to tell alexa (over echo plus) to switch on/off homematic devices, that are defined in openhab 2 and connected via CCU2 (not HMIP Access Point) without the HMIP-Skill.

Many thanks