Alignment in semantic model not always as it should be

As you can see, Lampje Spiegel badkamer (1ste verdieping) is more to the left than it should be…

That’s weird. I think the only thing to do here is file an issue. See How to file an Issue

I hope it’s in the right place?

No, needs to be in the Android app repo, not addons.

Makes sense, I actually thought I had put it in ‘WebUI’, but that would have been wrong as well…

I read that there are moderators who can move these issues?

Repository maintainers can do that, just ask within your filed issue.

I’m afraid I don’t understand this jargon yet. :slight_smile:

Sorry, nor jargon.
You opened an issue on Github.
Add a comment to that issue starting with
and ask to move it to another repo.
This speeds up moving…

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I’m not sure I really tagged someone…?

Can you open this page in a browser on your mobile device?

Same effect (in Chrome).

So it seems a MainUI issue and should be moved to the webui repo…

Would be @openhab/addon-maintainers, but I don’t think that this works for everyone. IIRC only members of the openHAB GitHub Org can tag openHAB teams.

Apart from that most maintainers are unable to move issues around because you need enough rights at both repos, so usually you need to ping @kaikreuzer.

As it is/was in the addons repo, my advice was correct. :wink:
Kai is member of that group so he should be able to see the request.

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Oops I wrote the wrong group name …
My point was that you need the @openhab/ before the team name IIRC.