All Bindings uninstall after installing yahoo weather binding

Just for information:

after i’ve installed the yahoo weather binding all my other bindings had been (automatically) uninstalled (Hue Bindung, DashButton, WoL). First tought: “virus” … and still not quite sure.

Solution as far:
simply installed the bindings again - no further tasks necessary … rules, items, etc. work

how is openhabian secured? the PaperUI is sure accesable from any other computer within the network - which means a intruder in my network have full access to install/uninstall bindings, change items or rules (by experimental rule engine).
… or am i wrong.


this happened to me while installing other bindings via PaperUI as well. When installing via shell this did not happen. Solution was the same.

Regards, Jonas

That’s a big question with lots of answers depending on what part of openHABian you are talking about.

To address your specific concern, yes, PaperUI and your other openHAB UIs are open to your LAN without authentication/authorization. If you desire to encrypt access to these you can configure the firewall on the openHAB server to block access to 8080 and only allow 8443. This will only allow encrypted traffic. If you want to add authentication/authorization to access your openHAB servers see

Many users do and a best practice recommended by many experts is to segregate your home automation into its own LAN.

Just had the same issue as well, installing the TP-Link Binding… very strange…

I know this is a pretty old thread, but it happen to me too with OpenHAB 3.1 (and previously with 3.0). Whenever I install a new binding it removes the rest (after a reboot).

Does anyone figured out what can be going on?