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There is NO binding in openhab.

Do you mean eNet or eNet SmartHome?

But maybe you can use this: ( eNet only)

It is written in java script (node js). Maybe one could use it here.

Thanks alot - will try to look into it :slight_smile:

Hi again.
I have found out that the before mentioned url only works with the “old” IP gateway - and that isn’t supported by jung/gira anymore.

So it looks like there isn’t possibilities to interface with the Enet smarthome - at least not until / if jung / gira decides to open up for it.

it’s a shame - since it’s actually a very nice product - :frowning:


You could try this one:

eNet from iobroker

together with this:

iobroker MQTT

Connecting via MQTT binding to Openhab.

I have just successfully integrated my Gira Enet system into OpenHAB.

First make sure you are running the latest version of the Enet server.
Then add the enet integration to Amazon Alexa. (There are youtube tutorials available from enet-smarthome.)

Then when you use the Alexa integration in OpenHAB, all your enet devices will be available to add to your project. But you will need to upgrade to a non-stable version as 3.1.0 has a bug causing channels not being displayed. For me the test release package url worked.

Works fine with openHAB 3.2.0, enet server version 2.3.1 on my Jung-device and Amazon Alexa app once installed on my iPhone. Thx a lot for the hint!

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Could you please explain how you did it?

Hi Alex,

I did it as already explained by cobaltjeh in April 2021:

  1. Get the newest Enet Server version
  2. Install Amazon Alexa on my iPhone
  3. Activate Skill for Enet Smart Home in Amazon Alexa. Many Videos on YouTube available.
    3.a. You should now have all lamps, switches and scenes available in Amazon Alexa app.
  4. Install Amazon Echo Control Binding in your OpenHAB-environment, configure your Amazon Account in the new AmazonEchoControl-Bridge and you can scan for the new AmazonEchoControl-things showing you your Enet-equipment.

Good luck. For me it was quite easy.
I’m just missing the Jung/enet sensors (energy consumption and sun), but they are most probably not part of the interface.