All my logInfo statements in rules stopped working

openHAB 3.4.0M3 running on a Raspi4 (openhabian)

While investigating a persistence problem I noticed that none of my logInfo lines are logged ( at least not onto the events.log and openhab.log which I do monitor).
The rules itself are obviously working (motion detected swichtes on the radio…).

I tried it with ECMA scripts.
A system reboot did not change the situation.

What should I look for to find the cause.

Example of a working rule with logInfo lines that do not show:

var logger = Java.type('org.slf4j.LoggerFactory').getLogger('org.openhab.rule.' + ctx.ruleUID);'PreviousState: {}', event.oldItemState);
if (event.oldItemState==OFF) { //Bad Bewegung
  if (items['BadMusik']==OFF){"BadMusik geht an!");
    events.sendCommand('TinasEchoDot_Befehl','Musik an'); //Befehl wird von Alexa-Routine ausgeführt!!    
  } else {'BadMusik ist schon an!')
  // Sobald Bad Bewegung sich ändert wird die ExpireTime des ProxyItems gestartet.'BadMusik Timer updated!');
  events.postUpdate('BadMusik', 'ON');


Look in $OH_USERDATA/etc/log4j2.xml. There should be a line in there like:

                <Logger level="INFO" name="org.openhab.rule" />

That’s not the default rules logger namespace which is “org.openhab.automation.script”. So it’s possible that your log4j2.xml was replaced as part of the upgrade and you lost the logger config for you custom namespace in the process.



in the karaf console to check the current logging settings.