All my z-wave nodes are showing up dead in Habmin

The Specs:

openHAB 1.7.1 running on the latest Ubuntu 15.10
Aeon Labs Z-Stick S2 is the controller

I have 9 devices, 2 are not working right now (Fibaro ZCOMBO fire alarms) and the rest are hard wired outlets or switches.

A couple of days ago (now that I think of it around the time I upgraded to this latest Ubuntu release) I started seeing a bunch of Dead Node errors in my logs. But all of the switches are working just fine.

In Habmin my two fire alarms which the binding was never able to connect to are gray as expected. The controller is green and everything else is red.

The network shows everything connected to everything else EXCEPT for the controller which isn’t connected to anything.

Trying to reset or heal the devices does nothing.

But here is the real kicker. The switches still work. My rules still turn them on and off and they respond to being triggered from the openHAB UI. I don’t know yet if they respond to my manually switching them on or off yet (ie. I manually flip the switch and openHAB sees the change).

I’ve shared my log file here. It should show a clean boot and my triggering node 6 at 16:14:59.

Do you think excluding then reincluding the devices would work? Moving the stick to a new USB port? Factory reset of the device?

I’ve only 8 real devices and all are accessible so it isn’t a huge headache to go to each and reinclude them all. But I don’t want to spend the time if it isn’t necessary.



Hi Rich, how do you manage to solve this?

Eventually it resolved itself. Adding a device to give everything at jar two parts to the controller helped as well.

One device ended up married as dead by the controller and I had to readd it to the network.