All things in Z-Wave network are OFFLINE

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I have OH 4.1.1. Release Build running in W10. I have been using OH since 2021, with more or less advanced knowledge using UI, controlling different bindings like Z-Wave, Tado, Melcloud, Somfy Tahoma, Astro, Z-Wave and others. On the other hand, I have no knowledge at all in programming in JS or others, so I have strong limitations to perform some more advanced actions.

Trying to delete two “phantom” Z-wave things by means of Z-Wave PC Controller (Simplicity Studio 5), I must have done something wromg, since all things are OFFLINE in OH UI. The Z-Wave USB controller (Aeotec Z Stick Gen 5 USB) is ONLINE, but all things included in the Z-wave network are OFFLINE.

As a detail, Z-wave devices linked by means of direct associations are communicating properly between them, with a noticeable delay in response, but it is not possible to perform any action or rule in the Z-wave network using OH. These are pictures of the “network map” and “things list” in UI Configuration .

I have considered “destroying all” and rebuid it from the begginning but as you can see I have lots of devices binded in the network and it would be a very heavy piece of work.

Could somnebody give me ideas to solve this? I have run out of them after hours dealing with Z-Wave PC Controller trying to find out what is wrong.

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That is the way to get rid of zombie nodes so that works but I think you have to stop openHAB while using simplicity studio. Both applications were running on the same machine correct? I feel like simplicity studio may have borrowed the serial port and openHAB can no longer use the serial port it was running on. Usually when my openHAB shows all zwave things offline like your’s, it is because the serial ports got screwed up.
My first step/guess would be to shut down simplicity studio and reboot the host machine. Let openHAB restart with the system and if everything doesn’t come back, check the serial port setting for the controller in openHAB

The network is on the zstick, so stop OH (or at least the ZW binding) and see if SS still shows your nodes. If yes, that is a good sign and could just be the serial port conflict. If no, you may have accidently reset the Zstick during the zombie removal.

Thank you Andrew!!!

Unfortunately I must have killed all the network when working in the Z-Stick with SS5, as Bob mentioned in his post. Yesterday I checked with Z-Wave PC COntroller and all nodes seems to be included, but I have just checked again and all them has dissappeared, so I must have reset all the network; perhaps I did it considering that PC controller was going to make a soft reset of the network.

I have restored network using my last .bin backup. Fortunately I have it, but unfortunately it is 6 months old and I have missed 15-20% of my network.

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Hi Bob

As you mentioned I killed the network in the Z-Stick, but I have managed to restore it from the bin. backup.

This is the first time I do this operation. Keep on learning every day!!!

Thank you and regards


For the future; In the OH binding on the controller UI page there is both a soft and hard reset. Soft is like removing and reinserting the stick. Hard reset clears the network. In Sim studio the only reset (IIRC) is hard. Sometimes the studio asks to remove and reinsert the zstick, if it needs a soft reset.
Hard reset 2024-04-02 091822

Thanks a lot!!

I knew the details about the OH UI but I must recognize that was too brave clicking reset in SS5; Now I can realize that the logo in the button is frightening enough to be careful.

Good to know for the future.

Thanks for your time.