AllJoyn on OpenHAB 2

This is a bit of a re-post from a post I made last week in Bindings. I’m hoping someone following OpenHAB 2 will be able to answer.

I have read through some of the historic threads regarding integration of an AllJoyn binding into OpenHAB 2.0, however it wasn’t clear to me what the current plan is? Will/is AllJoyn supported wholesale with a generic transport level binding, or will AllJoyn devices be supported with their own device specific bindings (or both)?

My attempts showed that it wasn’t really possible to have a generic AllJoyn binding, but rather have an io.transport.alljoyn bundle for the low-level communication and build dedicated bindings on top of this.

I have stopped my activities regarding Alljoyn though, so please don’t expect any progress from my side. But I’ll be happy to support you if you want to do such an implementation.