Alternative for Myopenhab with Google Assistant

I use my Google Home-speaker in combination with Myopenhab to control my home-automation by speech. is down or very slow currently (details) . Is there an alternative way to connect Google Home to Openhab without using Myopenhab? Is it maybe possible to connect it to my local instance by a reverse proxy?

I think that the only alternative would be for you to deploy your own (note: this can get complicated so make sure you follow the instructions carefully :slight_smile:)

…but I am not sure if you can link your private instance of openhab cloud with Google… it involves some advanced topics like OAuth etc… maybe someone else who has successfully done can comment here.

I wouldn’t worry too much about For sure the performance problems will be resolved soon and the service will be fully operational again.

Private OHC + GA integration: It looks like it’s possible: OpenHab Cloud behind reverse proxy and OAuth

issue fixed ! :slight_smile:

Ah great! Everything is working again. Thanks for the info about private OHC+Google, I’ll dig into this. For now I place my bets on Myopenhab.

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Any updates on this topic? I use a dynamic DNS service so I don’t need MyOpenhab (works waaaaaaaay faster with the dynamic DNS) and I would like Google home to be as fast as my remote connection with my current config.

So you have exposed your openHAB server to the internet via that dynamic DNS Service ?
That’s a really bad idea in regards of security.

I don´t mind that while it´s fast…