Alternative to OH Designer

Hi out there,

currently i think my Designer for OH2 ist finaly broken. I reinstalled java and Designer verion 0.9 for Windows. but i am not any longer able to edit rules files. The Editor simly does nothing.

What are alternative tools to work with? Is there maybe a hightligthing file fpr Ultraedit or any other usable tools?

Thomas :slight_smile:
Of course there is no context help or auto completion. In most cases, if the designer fails to start, you will have a (formerly opened) file with illegal characters, so try to open the designer without any opened files and find the corrupt file.

You can do this by wiping out your workspace directory. Unfortunately I’m not entirely certain where this folder lives. It is either /var/lib/openhab/workspace, ~/.eclipse, or <designer home>/configuration.

This should start you with a fresh workspace with nothing in it.

I Deteled the Workspace and found no funny chars in one of the files. Now it is working better, but the CRTL space does not work any more. Each and every item is unknown.

Really strange :slight_smile: