Alternative to Zigbee2MQTT or way to improve reliability

I’ve been running OpenHAB for over a year now.

Originally I used Philips Hue for my smart lights, well Hue Hub and Ikea Tradfri Bulbs.

I then installed a Xioami hub so I could use their wireless buttons and started noticing issues with bulbs dropping offline. Eventually I found out this was caused by a new WiFi router. I resolved this issue but also learnt that running two separate zigbee networks can also cause signal issues.

In my search for a solution I installed Zigbee2MQTT which I got connected to all my buttons, bulbs and a couple of door sensors. Unfortunately this isn’t as realibale as I would hope. It can work seamlessly for a couple of months then some bulbs stop responding, sometimes they reconnect after a few minutes, sometimes they need a power cycle and a couple of times a bulb has needed to be reset and added back into Zigbee2MQTT a fresh.

My home isn’t huge and bulbs are reasonably close so wouldn’t be a signal problem, I’ve tried everything I can think of so now looking at other solutions.

I need smart bulbs including GU11 spot light bulbs and wireless buttons/sensors. Is there a better zigbee hub that can connect to everything I have that would be more reliable or are there WiFi alternatives I should look at?

Please let me know what you think.


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Unfortunately if your problem is really caused by interference, then changing to a different solution (ie the Hue hub, Zigbee2MQTT or the ZigBee binding) will not help as the problem is an RF problem. Your only solution is likely to be to find a ZigBee channel that does not conflict with the Wifi router.


As mentioned in my post I have resolved the WiFi interference issue, when I originallt changed to Zigbee2MQTT it barely worked, once I realised the WiFi was causing interference I selected channels far away from each other Zigbee2MQTT started working well, I just have this issue where it decides to not work properly and random times after working well for a while.

Sorry - I misunderstood your post - I read this as though you changed from Hue hub to ZigBee2MQTT and you thought that solved the problem.

Im not familiar with ZigBee2MQTT so can’t comment there - sorry.