Alternative Z-Wave device for FIBARO Roller Shutter FGR-222

i’ve installed a FGR-222 to test the automation of my roller shuttters. i works fine as far … but the installation was really exhausting, because you’ve to put the device behind your existing switch - in my case a double switch for the up- and down-function:


… and there is really little room behind such devices!

My question: is there a better / easier device to do this? Maybe a integrateted Z-WAVE - double switch for wall mounting? Yet I haven’t found such thing … but maybe someone else?

Simple answer: no.
And even if so, they would be bundled with some ugly-looking, non matching visible default switch front you for sure don’t want to look at in your living room.
Qubino actuators are yet a tiny little bit smaller but essentially no different.

Get a cutter knife and drill hammer to deepen the space behind your switches.
Or remove the switches, you won’t need them any more except in case of OH outage (and you can still get a ZWave remote to work in those cases).

okay - that’s what i expected and feared :grinning: - Thanks