Alternatives to Fibaro FGD212 Dimmer 2?

Hi guys,
i am in search of alternatives to the FGD212 Dimmer 2 as they cant be updated without the Fibaro Home Central. What are you guys using? Preferably Z-Wave, what else is out there… Wifi?

Appreciate any discussion or link (didnt find a suiting one).

Thanks in Advance!

I think Aeotec has one. They are usually pretty good.

Or qubino.
I use the fibaro units and when I want to update I borrow/rent a fibaro hc and use it as secondary controller. That way I can update without re-include all my devices.


AFAIK the only vendor to provide firmware for download is Aeotec, plus Fibaro but only as part of their HC2.
Have you ever managed to upgrade a Qubino device that way? Where did you get the firmware from ?

Last what I read was that you have to send them to the manufacturer. You can’t upgrade them yourself.

So no self-service, i.e. the main issue remains that you cannot upgrade them in place but have to physically un- and reinstall them.
BTW Fibaro offers the same service even for free but you have to pay the postage.

Why do you want to update them? What do you need the update for?

Sometimes for bug fixes.