Am I missing something or does the Aeotec ZW111 seem to be missing meter_reset?

Does anyone have this channel? @chris i cant see this in the binding. Does it exist?

From the manual:

So it looks it’s all or nothing.

That doesnt sound right ot me. I opened a case and Chris @ Aeotec responded quickly and said:

The Z-Wave command METER RESET must be initialized by your Z-Wave gateway, this will reset kWh accumulation to 0 kWh. Otherwise, factory resetting and re-pairing will also reset this value.

How do you delete the power measurement value?

If it is not in the manual but supported, it needs to be added to the database:

I did this for you. You need to upgrade to the latest zwave snapshot once the changes got merged.

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Thanks sihui, it’s not clear its supported but Chris @ Aeotec seems to think its Controller initiated so i guess it is supported?

You will find out when the channel is available :grinning:

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I too noticed that quite many devices miss the METER_RESET channel in the database but I haven’t figured out how to add the channels.
Is there an easy way to do this?

After a further email to Chris @ Aeotec (they are so fast!)

He confirmed:

Yes, the ZW111 supports the METER V3 command class.

METER RESET, kWh, Watt, Voltage, Current are all supported by this device. Any device support METER V1 or later command class does support METER RESET as this is intended to be used to reset accumulated kWh data

There is a bitflag from the device that states if it is supported or not - I’m not 100% sure that it is mandated.

Hi Chris,

Im not really sure I understand your post. I guess we wil see in your next binding update if it works, but Aeotec says its fully supported

I’m simply saying that I am not sure that it is supported by all meters that support the meter command class above V1. There is a flag that is reported by the device to say if it supports it - so it is possible that some devices do not support this even if they are using a CC version greater than 1.

I’m not saying that this device doesn’t support it - I’m pretty sure it does. If @sihui has added it to the database, then I would expect it should now work as the binding fully supports this!

Thanks Chris. We shall wait for your normal update

If the device supports this (see the other posts) you need to add a meter_reset channel to the meter command class, then choose a label, save and request approval.

I ment adding to the database :wink:

It’s as @sihui said - add -:

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Hi All

Can anyone comment on this? deprecated with the latest snapshot. This isnt the ZW111 though

Yes, a bug in Firefox.
When adding new channels the deprecated box is checked by default. Maybe I forgot to remove the flag.

hah! Can you update please sihui :stuck_out_tongue:

Already done one hour ago :heart_eyes:

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