Amanda and Zram


I experience this strange behavior on RPi4B 4GB memory, 16 GB SDcard, OpenHAB 3.3.0 release build. Amanda Backup is working fine for 5-6 daily backups, but then stops. If I stop zram and start zram again, Amanda will backup again for 5-6 days. What could be causing this. I cannot find a post that describes similar behavior.
Thanks in advance

Impossible to answer without that you give more details.
What does ‘stop’ mean, what’s the error message ? How filled is your disk, how much data does it try to backup when it fails ?

Without details it’s pure guessing. Maybe RAM+swap are not sufficient.
Do you try to backup the raw disk, too ? If so, try omitting that from the disklist file.

Thank you Markus for your reply. I will try to answer your questions:
Stop means: I get a daily mail “xxx AMANDA MAIL REPORT FOR xxxx”. When I don’t get the mail anymore after 5/6 days, I assume it stopped.
Disk = 16 Gb, 60% full
Raw disk backup: yes, I now removed /dev/mmcblk0 from disklist file

I will keep an eye on things and will post again if the behavior remains the same.
Thanks again!

That now doesn’t help with finding the cause. Search for the log of the backup run that failed in /var/log/amanda/ and read it to find a hint why it failed.
Usually even if a job terminates wrongly you should still be getting a mail telling you so.
As you don’t, the backup run might be overwhelming the machine. Watch system load using top.
You may also manually initiate backup runs until one is failing so you can watch it live.

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