Amanda backup missing in config tool


I’m running openhabian (2.4.0.SNAPSHOT). I try to install amanda via the config tool, but it seems to be missing. Any idea’s how to get this option in the config tool?

Assuming you run openHABian and that by ‘config tool’ you mean openhabian-config, Amanda can be installed via menu option 50/51. If you don’t run openHABian, there is no install option.

Yes, found it, thanks a lot! The documentation on suggests it can be found under optional components.

Dear Berry, can you report an issue on this incorrecdt documentation at ?

I think that he is referring to which is on the

Maybe we should rename this section title to “Additional Components” not to be confused with menu option 20 (titled “Optional Components”) since Amanda is under menu option 50

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There is also a part of the documentation in the docs repo.

Maybe it would be better to maintain this completely in the openhabian repo and grab it on website generation like already done with other parts.

It looks a bit inconsistent with one document here and another document over there in another repo.

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Good idea! I’ll try to compose a PR that does this and update as much info as I can (new screenshots, etc)

More news soon :slight_smile:

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I disagree docs are “wrong”. You just have to understand it like this: backup is also optional SW… and it would have just taken the OP another two key presses to find that.
Then again, I’ve already created PR#466 to make openHABian docs more in line with openHABian state and also spent a separate paragraph on backup so I think it is more concise now.

I don’t think so. That document (Amanda README) is also part of openHABian distribution and supposed to be displayed at install time thus maintained in openHABian repo (the user doesn’t necessarily have online access for that to work). In order to not having to maintain it in two locations, one repo needs to point to the other, and that’s what it currently does. I’m open for any suggestion you believe to be better though such as to pull that from openHABian repo on OH-docs website generation.

I didn’t claim that they are wrong… I was thinking that they can use a “refresh” with screenshots from the latest release of OH2.3.0 + openHABian :slight_smile:


Actually: You are right…

This entry:
Is sourced from:
and they are synced, so we are ok

I am on mobile and will check again, but if the openhabian doc is already completely synced from openhabian repo this is already fine, but it doesn’t make sense to keep an editable md file in docs master branch then.

We have a “hidden / special” branch for external generated contents which should hold all needed data for website generation and the docs master branch should only show contents that are directly editable in the docs repo.

At least this was the plan from our last repo restructuring.

It seems that the docs-repo version of this files isn’t used anymore and all contents are already maintained withon the openhabian repo.