Amanda Install Fails

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: _PI 4
    • OS: Debian
    • Java Runtime Environment: latest
    • openHAB version:4.0.4
  • Issue of the topic: Amanda Install Fails with NAS WD (Mybookduolive)


The Amanda install fails when I try to set install using a NAS drive. As the tutorials, I create a folder on openhab directory and then I prepared fstab file, pointing the folder to NAS using NFS. On the install logs, it stops, and gives an error Chown - operation not permitted. I think is something to do with ownership. However, and I can write a file to the folder and PI and it gets copied over to the NAS drive, and I can delete the file as well, and that is for a root user, backup user and openhabian.

Can anyone point me in the right direction.

Is it something to do with root squash? If it is can someone give me an indication on how to deal with this. I can SSH into the NAS, and add some code/command or something on the server?

Many thanks

I managed to sort this out in the end. If anyone has the same issue, you need to edit the /etc/exports file on the NAS, and add in the option no_root_squash. Probably not very safe, but its in my house and the NAS is not exposed to really to the outside world. The amanda install was able to change ownership of the share, and the continue the install.

It’s all in the docs.

Thanks Mstormi, it sort of is in the docs and sort of not! Im not a coder, I do this as a hobby, trying to get my head round linux etc, is a minefield, and then you chuck in a NAS drive to the mix, and there are loads of ones out there, and trying to work out whats a client and whats server, becomes very difficult. It doesn’t specifically say that you may have to edit your export file on your NAS to allow for no_root_squash. I even watched the you tube video created by the openhab on setting up an Amanda Backup. Hey Ho, I got there in then. And yes, I know you do great deal of work on openhabian system and it is a great system, and I am very appreciative of the work you all do to support this.