Amazon alexa: rollershutter open/closed upside-down ;)

I’m about to restructure my KNX within OH3 (again).

Coming from KNX1, the rollershutters were 0% = open and 100% = closed, now with KNX in OH3, it’s vice versa, so 0% means closed and 100% means open. I remember reading somewhere, that you can reverse that somewhere in the configuration, but I don’t remember where and don’t seem to find it in the UI of OH3. Can someone help me out?

Sorry, I was confused today. My Amazon Alexa skill inverted 100% and 0%.

So in metadata of the item, you can “invert” the logic, and change the logic accordingly:


I have the same problem but when I change the “inverted” setting, nothing changes.

Is there anything else I have to do?

Ah, a rediscover of the Alexa devices helped!

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