Amazon binding error trying to configure

I installed the binding but the login page was invalid. Said it didnt exist anymore. I have read that I need to install the latest snapshop of the binding. This is what i did.

2018-12-02 17:05:06.737 [INFO ] [mazonechocontrol.internal.Connection] - Login failed: POST url ‘’ failed: Not Found

I copied the java file to the \addons folder.


Am running windows 10 32bit on a intel compute stick. I know , i know…32 bit and windows 10? i had i lying around. Its plenty fast enough and it works. Except for this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Installing the latest Beta should fix it … it did for me:

I downloaded it and put it in my openhab\addons directory. Nothing seems to happen. Will it be removed from the directory after a restart? do i need to do anything to have openhab load that into my windows 10 openhab runtime?

Again, I must be too dumb for this platfrom. Dont know how to proceed.

No :sunglasses:
Just uninstall the PaperUI binding and drop the dl file into your addons folder. Then perform the steps according to the docs.