Amazon Binding - textToSpeech doesn't work anymore

OpenHAB 3.2.0
Amazon Binding (used with ECHO)


since a while the textToSpeech channel doesn’t work anymore.
So far I use the “textToSpeach” channel to play messages like “Window is open” via ECHO.
I try to debug the binding. All seems to be correct - No errors. The textToSpeech volume is set to 60.
If you send a text to alexa with EchoStube_Speak.sendCommand('<speak>Window is open</speak>') or EchoStube_Speak.sendCommand('Window is open')
I hear a short “bing” but no text is spoken afterwards.
I try a workaround to use the command channel :
EchoStube_Command.sendCommand('Aleaxa speak: Window is open'). This works for me but it is a workaround only.
Any ideas why texttospeach channel stops working? Does ECHO got a firmware update which could caused this?
Thank you very much vor your suggestions

In that case I would expect many more to report about having problems.
What about the volume of you TTS channel ?

I‘ve set the volume to 60.

Is there any error in the openhab.log file ?
What does the events.log file show for your item EchoStube_Speak ?