Amazon Dash Button .things

I can use paper and add a dash button, but I am struggling on how to set this up manually with .things.

amazondashbutton:dashbutton:Apartment_Doorbell [interface=“private”, mac=“b47c9cbcb94f”, processing=“5000”]

I think I figured it out by looking at the source, is there an easier way to figure out the .things format then looking at source?

amazondashbutton:dashbutton:Apartment_Doorbell [pcapNetworkInterfaceName="private", macAddress="b47c9cbcb94f", packetInterval=5000] {
    Type button : press

Theoretically, the binding authors are supposed to add the proper syntax to the README. But I know there are several that have not yet done so.

Nathan, thanks for your infos. This is the once I found for storeing the configuration in a .things.
My DashButtons works with the PaperUI,Configuration,Things,AddManually, but if I write this in a file, the pcapNetworkInterfaceName="\Device\NPF_{3…E} (Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller, fe80:0:0:0:e…2,"
for Win10 or
eth0 (, fe80:0:0:0:9…8)
for Raspi is wrong. (… = removed characters)
What have I to put in there?

On my pi, the interface name was eth0 by now. On my windows machine it was bit more tricky. I could configure the dash button via paper UI successfully. But i was not sure about the correct syntax in the .things file in terms of pcapNetworkInterfaceName. Several tries failed.

After checking the Paper UI internal configuration in the json.db i could find the correct notation.

amazondashbutton:dashbutton:18-74-2e-xx-xx-xx "Dash Button" @ "Location" [macAddress="18:74:2e:xx:xx:xx", pcapNetworkInterfaceName="\\Device\\NPF_{79B09323-6BF9-4FA5-B3E4-2E35DCE6A325}", packetInterval=5000 ]

The easiest way to determine the correctNetworkInterfaceName is to use the paper UI.