Amazon Echo Binding: Online/Offline state


I’m using the Amazon Echo Binding for showing player, title, volume, etc. on HABpanel. Now, I use an Echo Dot in a plug cage, to unplug it in room A and go over to room B to use it there.
I was trying to observe the Thing status of this Echo Dot in Openhab2. What I see is, that if the device is plugged in, it doesn’t change it’s state to “ONLINE” but stays “OFFLINE”. The player control is working and the volume also, but the status in Openhab or in the Binding is still “OFFLINE”. Did someone observe the same behavoir?

When you move the device does the IP address change?

In my router configuration that device gets the same fixed ip address. In Openhab it is linked to it’s serial number, so independent from the ip address.