Amazon Echo Binding performance on sequential speaks

Hi All,

I was looking into why my rules on OH3 M3 running on rPi 4 were running slowly (secs vs ms). When I look at the logs, my rules are running quickly (within ms). However, I have TTS announcements using my echo to provide a status on certain scripts and those announcements are very delayed in between status’.
For example, I have a script to scan the outer perimetre and safety sensors in sequence. When it starts the scan of the perimetre an announcement on my echo will announce this. When it start the scan of the safety sensors, it will announce that. Then when the scan is complete, it will announce the completion. In my logs, this all happens in a matter of seconds. However, on my echo, there is a delay of 5-6 seconds in between each of the 3 announcements.

So I created a test rule that just speaks 2 announcements in sequence.
Sure enough, there was the 5-6 second delay in between.

Any ideas what may be causing this? Or is this design intent? I wonder if this is necessary to ensure messages do not overlap when being spoken on the echo … If so, is the delay configurable?