Amazon Echo Binding - Tile Tracker Integration

Hey @J-N-K ,

I was wondering if you would be interested in integrating the Tile trackers that are within the Alexa app. Amazon and Tile have partner last year and Tile uses Echo’s (not just the ones you own both the general public) to report where they are at. It’s called Side Walk feature.

They are a category within Alexa app and they provide the name, location on a map (x/y is my guess) and the actual location name either tied to a Alexa you own or a street name.

I’ll send you another screen shot via DM that tiles show in detail.

Best, Jay

Thanks to @J-N-K ! We have a Tile integration via the Amazon Echo binding now.

Define the items for the Tile geoLocations as a “Location”.

You can calculate the meter difference between 2 points now and do alerting based on distance triggering.

Example code:

var homeLocation = new PointType("49.055210, -66.238799")
TestDistance.postUpdate(homeLocation.distanceFrom(TestLocation.state as PointType).toString + " m")

Best, Jay

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Here’s how to utilize the Tile “Location” items on a sitemap.

Best, Jay

Thats very cool, I was considering working on a Tile binding and was sad when I saw they got sold in case they got dumped and the API removed. I have owned Tiles for many years now and that makes them a lot more desirable as before it meant people had to run the Tile app in the background and allow it to have internet access whilst in the background for the public to help report the finding of a lost tile. If all side walk capable Echos can now join in the reporting of lost Tiles this greatly helps to expand the coverage and usefulness.

Do you know what you need to own to make this work? I only have Google based devices here so does it mean I need a echo/Alexa device to use as a bridge/hub or can it be done with just phone apps and a cloud account to echo/Alexa?

Just need 1 echo, an Amazon account and the Amazon binding.

The Amazon binding has a TON of features that can interact with a lot of your smarthome devices. OH can start an Amazon routine you create within the Amazon app on your phone. Its like having another layer of automation tools on top of OH which OH can invoke.

Best, Jay

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In Germany they sell the EchoFlex for 14.99 € at the moment, I guess that’s the cheapest way for starting.