Amazon Echo Control Binding - "player"-channel is not being updated anymore

For several months I used the “player”-channel of the Amazon Echo Control-binding as a reliable trigger for “when music is playing” (to connect my soundbar).

Since some weeks, this does not work anymore, because the channel is not updated anymore, independent from what the echo is doing. Strangely, the channel still works to control Alexa, so the channel itself is working.

Does anyone know if something got changed? The binding-documentation still describes it as a “R/W”-item.

I have observed similar behavior when I use TuneIn. Have you already found a solution for your system?

After disabling and enabling the Amazon account, the current status is transferred again. So it should be related to the account and update interval.

I have the same problem. I have a rule that triggers on state change of player channel.
Will there be a solution?

Same issue. I do net get any update from echo using this channel.
I can only push, no pull.

How is your rule working? Do you have a solution for updating the player? Or also for updating other channels like title, subtitle, radio station?

My rule

rule "Echo PLAY"
  Item SZ_ECHO_Player changed to PLAY

is not working any more due to missing state update.
I’ve got no solution for this.
When my music alarm starts playing my favorite radio station each morning there is nothing that could indicate this. In former times the start of my music alarm caused an update on the player channel but this feature has gone :frowning:

No, I have not yet found a solution.

What did you mean by that? What specifically did you do?

Maybe I can add some of my own observations: For media being played, channels like :title, :subtitle1, :subtitle1, :imageUrl of a playing album get updated timely for me. However, when I set an alarm, for instance, the related channel :nextAlarm takes up to an hour to receive the alarm time I set. So it seems there is maybe something different in the way these values are pulled/received from amazon. Also, when I restart the binding only, the values of :nextAlarm get initialized properly, they just take an excessive time to update after a change.

Same issue here :pensive: