Amazon echo control: meta information of smart plug available?

Unfortunately I bought some smart plugs, which I can’t flash with Tasmota firmware.
But they’re availabe within amazonechocontrol, so I can use power on and power off with them.
As they’re really smart ones :slight_smile: they also measure voltage, current and stuff: Are those attributes availabe within alexa and can the binding make use of this somehow?

I don’t think it’s implemented in the binding. Can you see these informations in the Alexa App? You can also login to your Alexa account and then go to Please do not post the result here, your internal Amazon account number is included in that. If you send it to me instead and let me know the name of the devices (or one of these devices), I can check what can be done.

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No, I don’t see that information on the App. But I’m not sure, if I chose the right device type for the smart plug. Amazon isn’t the best example for a good UI/UX concept…

After looking at the reported capabilities: unfortunately Alexa.PowerController is the only available interface and that only supports On/Off.

I thought so. One reason more to use only locally reachable devices! :wink:
…but I was too lazy to send them back… :man_shrugging: