Amazon Echo Control with Sonos One as "Alexa"

Using amazon echo control with my bunch of Echos, which work just fine.
I also have a Sonos One, which I also configured as an Echo and it works with my amazon account.

But: not all channels seem to get information, but can send ones?
So, strange thing is:

If I tell Alexa to play some music, she does and my Sonos plays music, but without telling me the current title. The channel also does not provide openHAB with the current settings regarding volume, equalizer, … On the other hand, if I set volume or bass or whatever via openHAB, it works and the Sonos one reacts accordingly.

It’s no big thing, but is there anything I can do to have echo control work both ways? I did set up amazon echo control for my devices via OH3 GUI.