Amazon Echo Dot (2. Gen) wired connection to A/V receiver too quiet!

Hello folks,

I have a wired connection from Echo Dot (via 3.5mm jack to chinch cable) to my A/V receiver.

If I put the volume of echo dot to 10 (=maximum), though the volume is half as loud as my other input sources, like CD-Player, Bluray-Disk, Radio or ALL other sources.

E.g. the master volume of my A/V is set -50 dB a CD is heard at a comfortable volume. To get the same result with echo dot the master volume has to be set to -35 dB !!!

Can anyone confirm this effect?

Thanks a lot!

What type of cable are you using - is it a stereo 3.5mm jack plug to two cinch (phono) cables or something else?
Is it firmly plugged into the Echo dot?


Thanks for your reply.

It is exactly this cable: Amazon (in german)

Yes, it is plugged firmly. Maybe the echo dot amplifier is too weak at all?


I solved my problem partially, I bought such an amplifier: now I have +8 dB !!