Amazon Echo/IFTTT alternative via OH?

Hey folks, running OH4 on a RPI 4. Have an IQAudio music player that accepts REST API calls, which i used to be able to call via trigger commands on Alexa thru IFTTT.

Since IFTTT no longer works with Alexa, was wondering if i can somehow leverage OH and Alexa to replicate those commands that i used to give via IFTTT? Anyone done something like this before?

Thank you

There is a http binding available, where you can execute any kind of command.
Not sure about IQaudio specific, but in general OH should be able to deal with this.

Once you have integrated the music player into OH, you can also link OH with your amazon account and control the device via alexa

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Thanks for the quick response, will give that a crack and let you know. Thanks again