Amazon echo in multiple room idea

So I have had my echo a while, and I love it:) However summer is coming and then I will start to use my balcony again aswell. So with the balcony door shut alexa can not hear me.

So one option is to get one more echo, however they are quite expensive so I am open to other ideas. So I was thinking to get a tablet and run habdroid on it(so I can control OH that way aswell) but also install a mic to pc software on it so that the mic can be forwarded to a small rpi with a miniture speaker mounted to it directly belowthe existing Alexa. Is this a good way to do it and is it feasible? Then I could also do the same for all bedrooms, and even the basement. Instead of buying 4 amazon echos. Any ideas?

The Echo remote might be easier? But are you expecting to also hear the responses?

YEah, but how many remote can you have? And tablets are more useful as they can be used for other things as well. Nope I dont respect to hear the answer…

Maybe I will try with one:

I also want the voice remote, but they are not available (again) for another couple months yet, and each Echo can only be paired with 1 remote:

Another option is the new Echo Dot, at half the cost of the regular Echo (major plus - it has a speaker out!):

While you could hack something together with mics (software or hardware) & speakers, I think that half the magic of the Echo is the visual and audible response. Maybe you could get away with only one or two Dot’s strategically placed, depending on your home layout of course :slight_smile:

If only Amazon would simply add the mic capability to the Alexa App it would solve this problem for most, but that would cut their profit margins…

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