Amazon Echo Plus + Openhab 2

As you may be aware, the new Echo coming out (the Echo Plus) has a built in hub.
My fiancée is interested in purchasing one (under the disguise that I would need it for my “smart home stuff” (blaming me is how she justifies buying tech haha) and I like the fact that it has a Zigbee controller built in as I don’t have one (but no Z-Wave included just so you know).

I was wondering if anybody knew whether this could be configured as a kind of “slave hub” as I would only need it to control any Zigbee devices and I want OpenHAB with my Z-Wave controller to be the “master hub” as it were.



Good question I’d like to know, too! :slight_smile:
This would be a nice function for those who are using the Echos. However I guess it takes more time for someone to answer this question as the device is quite new.
The function depends probably on how Amazon integrated the hub into the device…

I’m also planning to buy a new echo. the one thing (design) that they changed got me :wink:
now i also have to make the decision which one to buy (normal or plus).
i have a raspberry with z-wave-controller and the hue bridge already so i don’t think the large one is more beneficial for me (maybe the sound is a little worse but i can live with that).

I Have the same question i just bought echo plus and got an free phillips hue with it its connected to alexa and works great.
But i didnt find a way to controll it with openhab since i have no phillips bridge my hope was the hue binding would work but it dosent seem to reconize alexa as an hub :frowning:

I Would also be very much interested in using the echo+ as a zigbee gateway if something like that is possible

This topic is also interesting for me. It would be great if this integration would be possible :smiley:

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Would also love to know some details about this just short of time to investigate at the moment. I guess a good start would be to look at the Alexa gadgets API:

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