Amazon Echo TTS queuing problem

Hi all,
I have mostly been avoiding issues with sending commands to the Amazon API though the amazonEchoControl bing using a delay variable. So the first echo uses a variable in its wait timer of variable ‘Echo1’ and the second ‘Echo2’ and so on and so forth.
This works when I want to say something upon an event that has occurred to specific echo devices rather than use announcement that says across all of them

I have been ignoring the clashes I occasional get where multiple events have fired relatively close to each other and the same echo device is asked to say something different for each event in quick overlapping succession.

Although it does not happy regularly it happens enough to get annoying.
I am looking for a way to attach a queue to each Echo or across them all if needed so that I can space out the messages that need to be spoken and no clashes occur. The TTS channel does not provide any feedback so unfortunately I cannot simply wait for the channel to become free before sending a new message.

If someone has a way to do what I am asking then please share, or if I have missed it when looking for the solution please point me in the correct direction.