Amazon EchoControl LastVoiceCommand doesn't update anmore

Continuing the discussion from Amazon Echo SmartJ Binding Last Voice Command not working anymore:
I use (openHAbian running OH4.1.3) the LastVoiceCommand for multiple use cases, mainly

  • saving the last text if it contains a key word and let it play, if front door is opened
  • using it to update my shopping list (as amazon shut down the shoppinglist-API, I’d like to manually update my ShoppingList via openHAB: OH listens to the lastVoiceCommand and uses an API to update my Shopping List)

for the last use case, this would be interesting:

but: for the time being: I don’t get the LastVoiceCommands from the binding. Is the issue still open or did amazon permanently change something?

with the binding from JNK on smartHomeJ you can get the lastVoiceCommand. But before that you have to trigger the refresh activity channel of the bridge thing.
So one solution is to trigger a connected switch within an Alexa routine. Then you can react on the change of a lastVoiceCommand item within an openhab rule.


Thanks for that. Do I have to replace (aka remove the core-binding and then re-instate the SmarthomeJ-AddOn) it, or can I “migrate” somehow?

yes, uninstall is recommended.
it’s described here:

I think if you use the same UID everything should be restored as before.

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The URL is always for all supported versions.


found time to remove the “normal” binding and install the SmarthomeJ variant. All my things and items came back:

openhab> list -s | grep amazon
342 x Active x  80 x 4.1.0                  x org.smarthomej.binding.amazonechocontrol

What do you mean with “trigger refresh activity channel”? I added an item to the refresh activity and send “ON” to it, but i still don’t get the LastVoiceCommands. What did I miss?
I’m still on 4.1.3

Would be interested if you can solve it. Have the same problem :slight_smile:

You will need a dummy routine as described here:

Logging out and re-registering solved it in my case:


If the lastVoiceCommand still does not work: use “Logout and Re-register” on the account page. Log in again
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