Amazon Fire Tablets

(Ryan Balfe) #1

Newbie alert. I have a bunch of Fire tablets that i would like to setup with hubpanel. Do i have to root these first? I got stuck when attempting to DL zulu.

I would be happy to pay someone to hold my hand through this! I have LIFX, nest, racchio and myq that i am looking to add to my dashboards.


(Vincent Regaud) #2

Habpanel is a web app. You don’t need to root anything. Just open habpanel in the browser.

(Josh Glazer) #3

Last I read (a few months back), you can’t root the newer Fire devices. I run Fully Kiosk Browser on Amazon Fire 7 with decent results.

(Sebastian) #4

Hey Josh,
are you running the “with ads” version of FireOS? I just installed 2 Fire HD 10 woth Fully and configured motion detection to wake the devices, when I walk by.
The only disadvantage I have is that they only activate to the “ads” screen and do not open Fully directly. I have to swipe the ad in order to get access to Fully/Habpanel.
Any idea how to solve this?

Other than that, I really love the HD10/Fully/HABpanel setup.

(Josh Glazer) #5

Negative. I bought the Fires without ads. It was another $10 or so but I felt the value was still there. I think you can buy out of them at any time. I couldn’t find another viable solution (i.e., hack 'em).

(Chris S) #6

If you don’t mind leaving them on all the time, I use this:

I also loaded the Google Play Store so I could use the Habpanel Viewer App.

(Sebastian) #7

Thanks for your replies. In the meantime I asked Amazon support to remove the ads screen, what they did. But they charged my the diff I saved earlier.
Unfortunately FBK still isnt able to get around the lock screen. Looks like this atm:


In case anyone knows how to get around this, I would appreciate the input.

@QuagmireMan, Thanks for your hint. FBK has a built-in “leave screen on” function, but the idea is to use motion detection of the front camera to turn the screen on, so it’s not active all the time.
You can nicely control the time the tablet stays on as well as the brightness via OH. So I have some rules, that the tablet turns on with lower brightness and a bit shorter at night times.

(Dominik) #8

Came across, when I locked for fire tablet developments. Re your questions, how to unlock your tab, I recommend you following post from bphillips921 at

Worked for my fire 7 pretty well…