Amazone Echo Control: TTS

Sending a message to the textToSpeech channel fails. If I change the Echo volume in the Paper UI it works. This is an indication that in general the connection works.

Restarting OpenHab or a reinstallation of the binding doesn’t help. Do you have any ideas how to proceed?

Thing configuration:

Thing echo      echo4   "Echo 4"            [serialNumber="G09..."]

Item configuration:

String echo4_TTS                    "Echo 4 TTS"                                    {channel="amazonechocontrol:echo:olga:echo4:textToSpeech"}

Code in HABApp:

def set_tts(self, msg:str) -> None:
        item = self.tts_item

This works for me. I have been using this method for years. I am currently on OH 4.0.4.

items.getItem(‘Workshop_Echo_TextCommand’).sendCommand(‘set volume to 8’);
items.getItem(‘Workshop_Echo_Speak’).sendCommand(‘This is a test message. Can you hear it?’);
items.getItem(‘Workshop_Echo_TextCommand’).sendCommand(‘set volume to 4’);

Good Luck.

If you are really using PaperUI, your openHAB version (2.5 or below) and the amazonechocontrol binding are really out-dated and it is very likely that some of the changes made since Ethen would solve your problem. Sometime Amazon changes the API and this might be part of the problem here.

You are right, it’s not the Paper UI but the new one from release 3. My current OpenHab version is 4.0.3 from Archlinux.

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Good idea! I adjusted the volume manually without success. Changing it on the UI works with the Dimmer item (TTS volume item). This was my test to see that the binding communicates with the Echo and Echo Show. There is even no interruption while playing audio.

I think that the textcommand channel also doesn’t work. Tomorrow I‘ll check if the items aren’t updated at all.

The problem seems to be related to HABApp. The item is not changed.

Actually it was a problem with HABApp. Not HABApp itself but how I used it. Some item use send_command if you post a value. But for StringItems it’s different. send-command must be used explicitly.