/amazonechocontrol/account1/ login failing

Rebuilding my openhab2 server to do some cleanup etc. Having issue with Amazon setup.
I have the Amazon acount binding in “Things”

I go to http://myip:myport/amazonechocontrol/account1/

Enter my amazon login info. (Same info I use to login to buy stuff)

Get This error:

There was a problem

  • Enter a valid email or mobile number

I am 100% positive it is my correct info.

I tried forgot password and it doesn’t take me anywhere.

Any thoughts? Has something changed with the setup?

This is a known issue (since some days) and is currently under investigation. This is not caused by changes in our code bity seems to result from changes on Amazon’s side.

The first try to fix was not successful, so please be patient.

Ok. Is there anyway to snag the token from my other computer and move it over to the new server in the meantime?

I was able to get this working now.
I updated to the 2.5.7 unstable (not 100% sure if that is necessary or not)
Removed Amazon Account Thing and any other echo/amazon things related.
Uninstalled the binding (not 100% sure it is necessary)

Added binding back.

Then did http://myIP:myPort/amazonechocontrol/ and I was able to login

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