Amazonechocontrol: sending "announcement" without the "from"-part possible?

I have a bunch of echoes at home and I send an announcment to all echoes. Like I would with “Alexa, announcement…”.
For that, I send the Text to the textCommand-channels:

items.getItem("AMZ_EchoOffice_TextCommand").sendCommand("Announcement: Front door is open since 5 minutes");

All of the echoes get this message, but Alexa says: “Announcement from Echo Office: Front door is open since 5 minutes”.
It’s merely cosmetic, but I’d like to let her say “Announcement: Front door is open since 5 minutes”. so, is it possible or does amazon not allow this?

PS: I know, I can send the text to each echo seperately, but I’ve got 6+ echoes and to send six “textToSpeech”-channels it’s easier and more streamlined to use a announcement for all.

I’d stick to that, this is what I do. Just add all the TTS Channels to a group and send the announcment to that group. This automatically gets populated to all TTS Channels.

See my config:

Group       Amazon_Wohnung_Echo_TTS
Group       Amazon_Wohnung_Echo_TTS_Ausser_Schlafzimmer

String      Amazon_Badezimmer_Echo_TTS                   (Amazon_Wohnung_Echo_TTS, Amazon_Wohnung_Echo_TTS_Ausser_Schlafzimmer)    {channel="amazonechocontrol:echo:Amazon_System_Konto:Amazon_Badezimmer_Echo:textToSpeech"}
String      Amazon_Kueche_Echo_TTS                       (Amazon_Wohnung_Echo_TTS, Amazon_Wohnung_Echo_TTS_Ausser_Schlafzimmer)    {channel="amazonechocontrol:echo:Amazon_System_Konto:Amazon_Kueche_Echo:textToSpeech"}
String      Amazon_Schlafzimmer_Echo_TTS                 (Amazon_Wohnung_Echo_TTS)                                                 {channel="amazonechocontrol:echo:Amazon_System_Konto:Amazon_Schlafzimmer_Echo:textToSpeech"}
String      Amazon_Wohnzimmer_Echo_TTS                   (Amazon_Wohnung_Echo_TTS, Amazon_Wohnung_Echo_TTS_Ausser_Schlafzimmer)    {channel="amazonechocontrol:echo:Amazon_System_Konto:Amazon_Wohnzimmer_Echo:textToSpeech"}
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