Ambient Binding

Using the PaperUI, in AddOns->Bindings, I don’t see the Ambient Weather binding? Is there a trick I’m missing?

What is this binding?

We do not okay guessing games here but according to the official documentation

If you are running 2.4 or earlier you would see the binding is not available for those versions.

Apparently I have to guess again, but “latest” is the Milestone build? And not the latest released stable version?

BTW, according to the official community guidelines, contributors should “Be kind to your fellow community members”.

There are 3 release versions.

  • The stable versions are usually released every 6 months but er skipped a date. 2.4 was released late last ear and is considered old.

  • The Testing versions are usually released every month to prepare for the next stable release. The schedule was delayed due to major changes, but we are bask on an approximately monthly schedule with 2.5M4 (Milestone 4) released about a day ago. I would recommend this build.

  • The unstable or Snapshot versions are for testing of all components together and are generally released nightly. They are not expected to be fully functional.

True, I should have posted this official link regardong lack of information rather than guess to try & help… I do not use that binding, but I spent some time to search for an answer in an effort to be kind…

Thanks! This is a huge help in understanding the buuild and release cycle.

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Thanks for this information. It is useful