Ambient Weather 2902C

I just set up an Ambient Weather 2902C, Ambient’s replacement for the 2902A. What would it take to get it added to the Ambient Weather Binding?

There are some basic instructions on the binding page:

and if you have questions beyond that, @mhilbush can probably give you some guidance.

Do you happen to know if the 2902C provides any additional or different data from the 2902A?

Did you try creating a 2902A thing to try with your 2902C? If so, what was the result?

Also, if you put the binding in debug mode, you will see the data returned by the Ambient Weather service. If you post that here, I’ll look into whether the 2902C should have its own thing type or whether I just need to update the docs to include the 2902C with the 2902A.

Hello Mark,

Thank you so much. This gets me started. I tried, using the paper ui, to set it up both as a 2902A & as a 2902C neither threw errors that I saw but neither gave me data in my items. I will set it up again with a things file and try it again. I will also try to figure out how to put the binding into debug mode, I’ve never done that. I’m relatively comfortable with the basics as an OpenHAB user, rules files, things files, items files, etc… But I’m not yet up to speed on any of the underpinnings. (I’m a retired mainframe systems engineer with experience in z/OS, COBOL, JCL, and a very little bit of Java and C)

I’ll post again once I have a debug output for you to look at.

Hello again Mark,

It took me a couple of months to grow my learning to the point where I could successfully create the right logs. It turned out that the weather station thing was configured just fine as a 2902A but I was having trouble setting up the channels correctly based on the documentation. I have since then moved to OpenHAB 3 and using the UI driven configuration I was able to get through the whole process and now have (as of today for the first time!) Ambient Weather Station data available to my OpenHAB instance.

Thank you very much again. The whole thing of learning how to delve deeper into the logs and then from OpenHAB 3 being able to look at the channel links generated by the UI puts it all together for me.

Best Regards,
Jamie Diamond