Ambient Weather weather station binding

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(Mark) #1

I’m developing a binding for Ambient Weather weather stations.

To use the binding, your station needs to push data to the Ambient Weather online service. And you’ll need to create an API key on your Ambient Weather dashboard located at

The binding uses the real-time API provided by the Ambient Weather online service. The real-time API gets weather station updates whenever the station pushes data to the Ambient Weather online service. Therefore, the data doesn’t have the latency issues associated with a solution that polls for the data.

The binding currently support the following weather stations. If you have one of these stations, and are interested in trying out the binding, please let me know.

  • WS-1400-IP series (stations that use the Observer IP module)
  • WS-8482 stations

If you have another weather station that posts data to Ambient Weather, I’d be happy to see if I can add support for that station. Please PM me and we can work out the details.

I’ll also post some additional sample information to help you get started, including items and sitemap definitions, transformation maps, etc.

[New Binding] Ambient Weather WS-1400IP weather station
(Mark) #2

Here’s a sample of the data available. This is a combination of WS-1400-IP and WS-8482 data.

(Skinah) #3

Looks great and thanks for creating and sharing the binding. Do you know if I own a weather station with the ObserverIP that is made by Fine Offset and not branded as Ambient Weather if I can still send the data to their website/server and use your binding?

Can you share what the server IP/hostname and port yours is set to use in the observerIP’s webpage settings?

(Zolon Farsane) #4

I have a WS-2902A and do currently publish my station to the ambient weather website.

Very interested in trying out the binding.

(Mark) #5

Sounds good. I’ll PM you with a jar file and some instructions.

(Zolon Farsane) #6

Just to give a quick update for others who stumble across this thread like I have.

This binding rocks. Simple setup compared to many of them, and the dataset I am getting solves many of the issues I was running into when trying get it into openhab myself.

Very happy to be a tester for this one.

(Cristian Serb) #7


I have a weather station WS-0900-IP and I’d like to try the binding. The problem is that I am a beginner and I need deeper explanations, in particular the steps I must follow. I mention that I have not installed any binding that is not in the OpenHAB binding section.

Thanks a lot.

(Mark) #8

@criserb No worries about you being a beginner. I can walk you through the necessary steps.

It looks like the WS-0900 might be similar to the WS-1400 in terms of the data it provides.

I’ll send you a PM with some information.