Ambient Weather WS-8482

Is there an easy way to configure this? Some of the comments refer to how easy it is but it doesn’t seem obvious to me.

I created the WS-8482 Thing but it wants the Bridge to be configured. When I click on the little arrow to the right of Bridge, it opens an area at the bottom of the window with a red donut in the top-left of the window.

I have the keys and have written Python scripts to access the Ambient Weather API but would like to connect it to OpenHAB.

Some of the OpenHAB documentation for Ambient Weather refers to modifying (and I’m assuming compiling) Java source programs. Is this true? I’m a Java programmer but try to avoid changing the source of open source projects unless I have to.

I’m using Windows 11 with OpenJDK 17.

You first have to configure the bridge as it’s own Thing using the Thing Inbox. Once you have a bridge Thing connected to your account with the application and api keys then it will show up in the list of viable bridges when you click on the bridge field in the 8482 Thing.

This should all work out of the box. My 8482 has been connected for several years.

Thank you for the reply.
How do I figure out how to define the bridge Thing and is this only done using the file approach with a .thing file?
At the very least I would need to know what the parameters / keywords are that define the Ambient Weather bridge Thing
Where would this be documented?

I edited org.openhab.thing.Thing.json and added lines like the following but not sure if this is the right approach:
Bridge ambientweather:bridge:account “Ambient Weather Account” [ applicationKey=“ae991…”, apiKey=“33be…” ] {
Thing ws8482 8482 “Ambient Weather WS-8482” [ macAddress=“e30b506cdb” ]
“ambientweather:ws8482:e30b506cdb”: {
“class”: “org.openhab.core.thing.internal.ThingStorageEntity”,

Actual key values from my Python standalone application were included.

Is something supposed to change in what I see when I look at the Ambient Weather Thing in the GUI?

As a software developer for over 50 years, I’m a bit frustrated getting going with OpenHAB.

Good heavens no! You’ve jumped right to last ditch effort don’t do this unless all else fails territory there.

Please go through the getting started tutorial. Adding things is basic and simple if you know where to click.

It really doesn’t matter how much or how little experience you have. OH is too involved to achieve anything just by poking around. Frustration is guaranteed if you haven’t gone through the docs. On the other hand, with 20 minutes spent with the getting started tutorial, you will find that adding this bridge thing is a matter of probably 8 clicks and a couple copy pastes.

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I had actually gone through all of the tutorial.

I had added the WS-8482 thing fine but couldn’t figure out how to add the bridge. I finally realized that I had to do another add Thing, select the Ambient Weather binding and then select the bridge from the list.

Everything works fine once configured. Thank you for your help.

That said, I am still more comfortable coding in Fortran, C++, Java or Python than using high-level “easy-to-use” frameworks that tend to obscure what is going on under the covers.

A more interesting challenge will be adding my custom microcontroller with sensors to OH, probably with an MQTT interface.