Amcrest and Dahua work around for http 500 errors

I found a work around for one of my cameras (Amcrest 841 PTZ model non version 3) as it will return with a http error 500 code (Internal Server Error) often when you ask for a snapshot. This happens when you ask with any web browser, even at slow refresh rates. Since this camera appears to be made by Dahua, other cameras that share the same firmware code may find this useful.

After applying at least 3 different firmware updates, each time this fault and fix is still needed and works each time…

Set camera to take snapshots at 1 second intervals.

Setup the schedule to always be able to take snapshots, Note there is no green here so only when an alarm goes off the snapshots are set to be taken at 1 second intervals.

This step also needs to be done, you need to supply a destination for the snapshots, I have tried both FTP and NAS boxes ticked and they both work. You can have the nas/ftp disabled on the next TAB page so they don’t get sent, however it only works if you tick a box here.


I think I speak for the entire community when I thank you for the work you have done


Thanks a lot for that information!
Funny thing is, even without the green bar (no schedule for “General”), it still writes snapshots every second to the destination for “Scheduled”, if it exists. This is either strange or I do not understand it.
Since I do have configured a NAS, I have set the destination for “Scheduled” to SD card, which I don’t have.

For anyone who finds this. I’ve confirmed this also works for Dahua Cameras (at least the version shown). Note: There’s an odd caveat with this firmware, when selecting the storage destination for Snapshots, it will not let you mix and match between NAS,FTP, or Local. It’s all one or the other. This camera has a SD card, so I set it to a non enabled/existent FTP server.

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 4.13.44 PM

Man this is soooo helpful! Really appreciate you sharing this!