Analyze charts suddenly empty

I use OH3 for some weeks now and are pretty happy with how it works.

I defined some items and got analyze charts “for free” with it. Very nice charts without having to do anything for it. I used it to show the used energy during the day and week. But all of a sudden, no lines are showing on the chart anymore. The data is there, because when I select a point in time on the empty chart, it shows me the value belonging to that time. What has happened? Nothing from my side. I don’t want to reboot without first consulting the community. Maybe I need to gather info first to make it possible to find the issue by the experts.

Please advise.

Couple of things:

1). Open the analyze wait a bit, close it and open it again and wait a bit. I noticed that it sometimes takes a while to read the data and hence loading is a bit slow.

2). Have you made any changes to persistence, in particular check if you have rrd4j.conf which will override the built-in default configuration.

Hi Sunny,

Tip no. 1 does not help.

Regarding tip no. 2, I didn’t configure anything besides the things and items and got analyze out of the blue. No changes made. Worked fine for a few weeks, now no lines drawn anymore. Same behavior on all items, values are there, line is missing. Also the chart range is fitting to expected values.

I had a similar issue, but i configured influxdb2 for persistence.
changed default persistence etc.

For me the trend line was missing and also for most values (later i found that not all where affected) the default “Analyze” chart was not drawn.
I saw that the y Axis was missing, i saw in DevTools of the browser that data was retrieved…

I found this article: trendline for item not showing
which helped me to understand at least a little bit more, and i managed to get the trendline back (i also switched to rrd4j as default persistence, but kept my indfluxdb2 for dedicated logging)

=> But still no chart data for some items, i also deleted all rrd files etc.

By accident i saw that i configured “stateDescription” metadata, and it seems that there was an error in my options configuration, although in the UI it shows empty, technically it had saved an empty string into the configuration, which leads to the error. I therefore deleted the “stateDescription” metadata completely and the graph was displayed again.
Afterwards I reconfigured the “stateDescription” and it was fine as well, but the empty string was no longer part of the saved options configuration.

I seem to have similar problem. I had for quite some time InfluxDB (more than 6months) configured as default persistence, however I didn’t had time (and knowledge) to configure the “influxdb.persist” properly. I did that end of June and some of my items have lost their trends now. I do not have any “stateDescription” metadata configured as far as I know, (almost all my configuration is via textual files) but I can see that trends for quite some number of my items stop at the moment I saved my .persist file.

Is the right approach now to select RRD4J as default? What about the data that is already saved in the influxdb?

Does anybody has idea how to solve this?