Analyze charts suddenly empty

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I use OH3 for some weeks now and are pretty happy with how it works.

I defined some items and got analyze charts “for free” with it. Very nice charts without having to do anything for it. I used it to show the used energy during the day and week. But all of a sudden, no lines are showing on the chart anymore. The data is there, because when I select a point in time on the empty chart, it shows me the value belonging to that time. What has happened? Nothing from my side. I don’t want to reboot without first consulting the community. Maybe I need to gather info first to make it possible to find the issue by the experts.

Please advise.

Couple of things:

1). Open the analyze wait a bit, close it and open it again and wait a bit. I noticed that it sometimes takes a while to read the data and hence loading is a bit slow.

2). Have you made any changes to persistence, in particular check if you have rrd4j.conf which will override the built-in default configuration.

Hi Sunny,

Tip no. 1 does not help.

Regarding tip no. 2, I didn’t configure anything besides the things and items and got analyze out of the blue. No changes made. Worked fine for a few weeks, now no lines drawn anymore. Same behavior on all items, values are there, line is missing. Also the chart range is fitting to expected values.