Analyze not working

I did a clean install from OH 3.1.0M4 on my Synology in a docker.
Analyze for items showed a empty screen.

Viewing persistence services I saw that rr4dj was not installed (I thought it was done by default).
In installed but analyze was still not showing information.
I created the file rrd4j.persits
Still not working.
I checked with api explorer one item and found all the values
What can be wrong.

Is rrd4j set as your default in settings → persistence?

Thanks Justin, That was the issue.
Do you know if it was required to install the binding and create the persits file?

Binding yes. I don’t think it will even be an option under the default persistence setting if the binding is not installed. Once it is set as the default persistence then you don’t need the .persist file, it will use it’s own default settings but you can override those with the file.