Analyzer chart customization

Is there any way to customize the chart which is shown by the analyzer action? When the chart is opened, I can specify e.g. axis ranges. However it would be nice to do this already as part of the action configuration.
I have a floor plan which shows temperatures inside the different rooms. When I click on it, a chart is opened showing the temperature and humidity (if available). As temperatures inside my home are never close to 0° C, it would be nice to set a custome range already in the floor plan. I really want to avoid creating custom charts for each room.

In addition it would be nice to set a custom title but this was already asked for in another topic.

You can save the Analyze chart as a page and then customize that page - then call the page when you require

I know, but this way I had to create a custom chart for each room. It would be nice if I could avoid this.