Andoid App transfer timer instead of alarm

I am using OpenHab 3.2.0.M1 and the Android App 2.20.0 on a Samsung A32. Reasently my phone stopped to transfer the alarm clock, but instead transfer the timer setting (e.g. in 20 minute) as AlarmClock time. Restarted the phone but nothing changed.

For the app there is no difference between alarm and timer. Only the next event of both is send to openHAB.
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The problem is that the alarm time is not send even if no timer is active. It become UNDEF is no timer is active.

That is not I see when using my Samsung devices (Galaxy A20e, Galaxy Tab A) and App 2.20.1-beta.

It was working a few weeks ago, with the same phone.
I have no idea, why it stopped working.

I just found out, that alarm that are less than two hours in the future are transferred correctly.

I don’t see such a limitation, mine is showing the next scheduled alarmtime (4 days ahead). Switching on an earlier alarm it shows this one, switching all to OFF it goes to “-”

I analyzed it further. The alarm is transfered, if it is before the next calender entry. I thought that calender entries are ignored?

?? Did I miss something?

In the article you send me with your first answer, it is said that some alarm entries are ignored, such as calender entries.
I found out that alarm times befor 14:50 h are transferred. My first thought was that the entries are more than two ohurs in the future, but their seams to be a relation between alarm and calender entry. If the alarm is after the start of the next calender entry it is not transfered to the openhab server.

I had never checked the code.

For me no calendar event is sent to openHAB ( with or without notification).

Hey guys,
I just stumbled over this thread while having similar issues.

@Numberone77: Your notes concerning the calendar event before the next alarm made me have some more tests done. I could also observe a connection between the calendar events and the alarms.

Furthermore, I made the following observation.
If a calendar event with a notification is reached, an alarm after the event’s start is sent to openHAB right after the notification is sent.
If a calendar event without any notification is reached, the following alarm is not sent to openHAB.
Additionally, deleting calendar events (with or without notification) do not trigger the following alarm to be sent.

I would not mind if the alarm time is sent shortly before it goes off, i.e. after the last calendar event, but this behaviour is actually a malfunction in my opinion.

Can you check the log of the Android app for lines like “Alarm sent by …”. I can ignore the calendar app which causes invalid alarms.

I can find this in my logs:

03-01 13:00:01.539 30375 30375 D BackgroundTasksManager: onReceive() with intent
03-01 13:00:01.539 30375 30375 D BackgroundTasksManager: Alarm clock changed
03-01 13:00:01.544 30375 30375 D BackgroundTasksManager: Alarm sent by
03-01 13:00:01.549 30375 30375 D BackgroundTasksManager: Got value 'null' for alarmClock

This app cannot cause invalid alarms, because it’s already ignored by the app: openhab-android/BackgroundTasksManager.kt at main · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub

With the latest update you can search the log and I try to add more debug utils: Better debugging of background actions · Issue #2852 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub