Andoid failed

With Openhab Android, I can not enter a server URL for remote access. The address is not accepted. But is guaranteed correct.


You can enter your own server only if you expose your installation to the internet (not raccomended because there is no authentication).
Or if you have a local instance of openhab cloud exposed.

Otherwise the suggestion is to use the openhab cloud:

You have to create an account and configure your local instance to communicate with the cloud part :

Another option is to have a VPN always active in your mobile.

I have used a DDNS service so far. That worked well too. Now I have changed the service.
But that does not really matter. The interface does not accept any address at all. There is always an exclamation point behind it.

Can you provide some screenshot? Maybe with the url blurred for security reasons

It works though with https. So far, it was synonymous with http ???

Really strange…have you installed some beta or it’s the stable one?

I’ve looked at mine… as soon as I write the semicolon after http the message goes away.

Do you have any strange char in the url? Maybe some “only german” letter?!
But I’m just guessing…I don’t know if there is some sort of url validation on allowed chars.

Edit: no http and https are different protocols, HTTP it’s not encrypted, HTTPS it’s encrypted and require a certificate to work…but my app does not force me to put https in the url field…

Thank you for the fast answer
No, no special german letters
It is actually a beta.2.10.17-beta from 28.11.2019
But I work with it for a few days. It was with the update my previous URL easily adopted.
Only a new URL does not work.

I’ve tried to delete all data from my app and reco figure it from start. It seems that now it forces HTTPS
it seems right :sleepy:

Ok, I think it’s a bug. I’m looking for an older version or I’m waiting for an update.
Thank you for your help

I’ve made some more test…my previous statement seems not correct…I can put http on both local and remote.

The only way to reproduce your behavior is to put http with an https port…but your port is custom so I don’t know how the app is working in this situation.

Edit: and I’m using the stable from the play store…so I cannot fully tell if it’s the beta the problem

I also tested a standard port (80). The same result.
It’s always red for me. Unless I take the https

Maybe it’s a bug and should be reported…
In the meantime you could try to go back to the stable and see if it behaves the same

I test it with the stable version.
Thank you

Http not working for remote connections is intentional … see and … just the error message seems buggy, it should say https, not http. This seems like an error in the German translation.

I updated the translation.