Android App 3.10.0: Enable Habpanel view at startup

Hi all,
I am using the latest app version and I would like that the app would start with my HABpanel view because I am still depending on HABpanel as I have build all views thoroughly and did not yet find the time to migrate to the new UI. In the old HABpanelviewer you could configure the view that was displayed at startup but I fail with the openhab app.

Does somebody have an idea how to do that?


That’s in the app preferences under Display → Start Page.

That setting is set to “Habpanel” but this does not work reliable - sometimes it falls back to the Basic UI and I can’t also define a dedicated view. I always have to select from the list of views to start the “Overview” to be displayed in the past it was possible to enter the wanted view like:


to jump directly to this view :thinking:

Just to clarify for future readers, the openHAB Android app isn’t a successor to HabPanelViewer. They’re different apps with different purposes.

One thing to note is that HabPanelViewer is a local-access-only app, so you can define a URL that points to a local OH server. The openHAB Android app allows remote access via myopenhab or another openhab cloud instance, and I don’t think that local URL would work in that scenario (but I’m just guessing).

I think you’ll need to submit a feature request to be able to define a specific HabPanel page in the Android app. I don’t know how interested the maintainers will be, since the focus is now on MainUI pages as primary UI and sitemaps as secondary UI, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. In theory, you’d just need the back half of the URL that points to the specific HabPanel you want: /view/Overview

You can create a shortcut that links to a specific subpage in HABPanel. There should be a button in the top right hand corner in HABPanel for that.